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Joy of Drawing Beginning Steps Book and Video Package

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‘Brits’ Caroline and Katy’s friendship is cemented by their love of creating both digital and hands on art. In 2018 they began to take sketch walks in nature, which grew into “Art Hiking’ workshops. They found that many of their students did not possess the very basics of drawing, so, utilizing their years of art training, they devised a consummate series of drawing lessons that covered the expertise their students were craving. Launching in November 2020 is their first teaching book: The Joy of Drawing: Beginning Steps. This book will be the first in a series of teaching aids that will explore different subjects, from perspective, to landscape drawing and beyond.

8 Chapters and over 50 Illustrations

That guide you through the fundamental steps of learning to draw.

Inspirational Quotes and Drawings

From your favorite artists from Michelangelo to Banksy.

A wealth of AHA moments 

And tips to help you master each skill and give you a new perspective on drawing.


Caroline Mustard

Caroline graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts from Brighton Art College. Leaving the UK in her 20’s, travelling to Canada and then onto California. After working in different creative fields, Caroline retired to Silicon Valley to be close to her family who gifted her an iPad for her birthday. She quickly became obsessed with digital art and has gone on to find success as a professional artist, accepting commissions and exhibiting widely in the local bay area. Her colorful, expressive work mirrors her love of life, and in teaching she has found a calling to inspire others to draw and paint.

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