Do you wanna be in our drawing club? 


Do you wanna be in our club?

Ready to start learning to draw with a supportive and friendly community?

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Easy to follow video lessons

Twice a month you get step by step video lessons, with demos in traditional and digital tools. By the end of the season you will have 20 lessons to watch whenever you want, accessed through your Mobile Art Academy Library.

Learn to Draw 

In this course we take you on a journey through each type of perspective with lots of exercises, and always ending in how to apply the rules to drawing things around you, we build on the skills you learnt in the Beginning Steps course so you can continue your journey and learn how to become a true magician, armed with the ability to create the illusion of space in your drawings and paintings.

Supportive and Friendly Community

Included in your membership you get monthly meet ups on Zoom where we get together and showcase what we have learnt that month PLUS inclusion in our 'joy of drawing' community page and Google Classroom.

Come Join Us!

Caroline and Katy invite you to be a part of their supportive and friendly community.The next cycle of the Joy of Drawing club: The Magic of Perspective will start in September 2021 and run through to January 2022. 

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The Joy of Drawing, Beginning Steps.

If you missed our first season of our drawing club you can catch up with all of the lessons and the E-book.


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Learn to draw on the iPad!

If you want to master the Procreate app before joining the club so you can create your own artwork on your iPad, the Basics of Procreate series will take you from zero to competent fast!

6 easy to follow video lessons demonstrating each of the main tools you need to master
Hands on exercises for you to complete
Downloadable pdf lessons that follow the steps of each video
A fun exercise at the end of each lesson that encourages you to explore your potential as an artist.

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Ann Syer

"The Joy of Drawing Club has such marvelous folks in it, who are learning a lot from every one of Caroline and Katy’s lessons. I am inspired by their creative work. Most of all, we are all so grateful for Caroline and Katy’s encouragement and the skills they share, that allow us to try to draw whatever inspires us, without fear of failure. “

Karen Kotoske

 “I learned not to be afraid. Not to be afraid of failure or the fact that I’d never drawn before. Caroline and Katy made me understand that everything I was drawing was art and every line was just the way it was supposed to be and that I could get even better with practice. They helped me break a lot of personal fear of failure barriers. And we had so much fun at every class."

Andrew Valentine

"Using The Joy of Drawing as a guide and following the video lessons taught me that it is never too late to start drawing. With the skills I have learned through fun and playful exercises, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of drawing regularly and with confidence!"