iPad Creativity Camp

(for AGE: 8 - 13)


Aug 3 - Aug 7, 2020 at 4:00PM - 5:00PM (PST)

Create Animation, Movie, 3D Sculpting & eBooks

In this 1 week camp, kids will meet daily and learn to create Cartoons, Animation, Movies, 3D Sculpting and eBook on their iPads (PLEASE CHECK the iPad iOS & App requirements before signing for this camp)

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Camp Description

We all know that kids love using their iPads, but do they know how to use them to do more than watch movies and play games? Fire up your child’s creativity and get them using their iPad to make drawings, paintings, animation, music, movies, 3D Sculpt and eBooks. This hands-on camp will introduce your child to the powerful creative tools they have at their fingertips and make connections to their learning at school - and it’s a lot of fun!

Day 1

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of digital animation. We will start with a simple drawing and then apply easy techniques to animate it. We will then move on to the concepts of "Squash and Stretch" - the two most basic animated reactions a drawn object can exhibit, then apply these to a simple bouncing ball example. The objective of this class is to make animation simple and fun without making it overwhelming for kids.

Day 2

In this class, we will learn about creating movies. We will import the video of the animation from DAY 1 into Movie app and then add audio which includes funny sound effects and soundtracks. We will also learn how to find royalty-free soundtracks to use in our movies. We will also learn about adding "text", "trimming videos", "adding slow motion and fast-forward" and various other video effects. Finally, we will learn to export a finished Movie composition.

Day 3

In this class, we will learn to make Cartoons. Everyone loves cartoons, but can you make one? That's the objective of this class. We will learn some fundamentals of cartoons making. We will also learn how to color them with different shades and blending. We will make some pets, comic-style characters and even some Disney characters :-)

Day 4

In this class, we will switch gears from Art & Animation to 3D Design. We learn fun techniques for 3D sculpting and 3D modeling. Starting from basic shapes like spheres we will advance to more complex shapes like pots and characters. We will use materials like Plastic, Ceramic, or even Gold to make our work shine. Finally, we will learn to record videos of your work and also about various ways to 3D print your work.

Day 5

This is our last day of Camp. We will bring all our learnings from DAY1 to DAY 4 into an eBook. We will learn how to create an eBook, how to add text, images, videos, and audio to make it interactive. We will also learn to add fun effects and speech bubbles and finally how to export your eBooks to iBook store and epub format.

LIVE instructions

Class instructions are done over zoom with multiple cameras and screen sharing with interactive Q&A which provides a seamless constructive classroom experience

About the instructor

Professionally an engineer and an artist at heart, Sumit Vishwakarma exclusively creates art on iPad and tablets using different apps, his fingers or a stylus. His goal is to educate kids, teens and adults about simple digital techniques that can be applied with traditional painting skills to create beautiful artwork on tablets.

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