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Where creative apps meet artistic people

Located in Silicon Valley - California, our goal is to empower users from toddlers to seniors, artists to scientists, and everyone in between, to explore the world of digital art using their mobile devices.

Art is fun. It opens the door to new universes. Using your mobile device to create art not only gives you a portable canvas and sketch book, it’s free of mess and the apps cost less than a cup of good coffee.

We provide online and live instructional seminars and workshops, one-on-one instruction and mobile art instruction classes that span the gamut of artistic ability, from the beginning artists taking their first steps, to experienced creators who want to explore the universe of digital art.

Our instructors are master mobile artists with a passion for empowering others to experience the joy of creating art on their mobile device.


Foundation Courses (Most Popular)

Learn the best apps for painting and schetching on iOS and Android mobile devices along with the basics of digital painting and drawing techniques.

Learn Procreate ā€“ the Most Powerful iOS Painting App

$37.00 USD

Create Amazing Drawings and Paintings on your iPad with the Procreate App! Using an iPad to draw or paint is much cl...

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The Basics of Infinite Painter by John Hayes

$37.00 USD

Learn digital art tools for creating masterpieces on your Android or iOS mobile device. Welcome to the Basics of Inf...

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ArtRage - Learn to Digitally Paint in Oil and Watercolor!

$37.00 USD

ArtRage for Beginners: Learn the Basics of the App and Digital Painting Techniques. ArtRage gives you real world pai...

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Autodesk SketchBook Pro - App for budding digital artists! (iOS & Android)

$27.00 USD

"This drop-dead gorgeous app for digital artists packs a rich feature set into a surprisingly intuitive interface." -...

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$27.00 USD

Learn Snapseed - a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

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Red Poppies using ArtStudio by Corliss Blakely

$37.00 USD

This course will teach you how to paint beautiful painting on your iPad with ArtStudio. The course includes step by s...

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Paper 53 - Learn the most powerful yet easy iOS Drawing App.

$27.00 USD

Drawing digitally doesn't have to involve a lot of expensive tools like the Wacom tablet or a Cintiq. If you have an ...

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ArtSet Pro by Jeannie Mecorney

$27.00 USD

Love your iPad but miss the look of real oil brush strokes, the soft, blendable charcoal line or the waxy look of oil...

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New Courses

Landscape Painting with Procreate by James Conway

$37.00 USD

Jim begins his presentation with his middle school's motto of "All work must be beautiful." He is a teacher at a publ...

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Stealth Digital Sketching by Hamilton Cline

$37.00 USD

For Hamilton Cline, drawing is his passion, but during the day you will find him at the Academy of Art University in ...

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Photo Studio in Your Hand by Michael Clawson

$37.00 USD

Michael Clawson's presentation takes the artist on a tour of the photography app Enlight/PhotoBox. Michael is a photo...

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Intermediate Level and Specialty Courses

These courses focus on a theme or technique and require to be familiar with the apps used by the expert instructor

Portrait Painting on iPad by Adam James Butcher

$37.00 USD

In this course, IĀ will be taking you step-by-step through theĀ entire process of creating a portrait painting using th...

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Bring Your Digital Tools Outside for Plein Air Painting by Jeannie Mecorney

$22.00 USD

Love to paint outdoors? Havenā€™t yet because schlepping traditional tools and equipment is holding you back? Come with...

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The Inner & Outer Game of Selling Your Art by Martha Zlatar

$47.00 USD

Is it Hard for You to Sell Your Art? Do you think that being a good sales person requires you to be pushy or manipul...

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Start with our FREE classes. Learn to create beautiful cards for your loved ones.

How to Paint a Peacock - FREE Class!


Art is fun. It opens the door to new universes. Using your mobile device to create art not only gives you a portable ...

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Hanukkah Holiday Card - ArtSet


Learn to create beautifulĀ Hanukkah Holiday Card using app ArtSet from one of our expert InstructorĀ Jeannie Mecorney...

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Holiday Card Painting - Procreate


Learn to createĀ holiday cards using the app Procreate from our expert instructor Caroline Mustard This course has 4 ...

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Create Animated Gifs!


Learn how to make an animated Gif to add extra zip to your social media from one of our expert instructors ā€“ Jeannie ...

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Mobile Digital Painting

Get to know different apps and techniques and how to best utilize them for your creative process.

Portrait Painting

An illustrated step by step lesson that guides you through drawing portraits from start to finish.

Mobile Photography

Take great photos on the go when you don’t have your best equipment with you.

Landscape Painting

Love nature? Learn how to draw the great outdoors and landscapes with a lesson on drawing landscapes outside.


Learn to create animation without writing a single line of code. 2D, 3D, stop-motion and more.

Graphic & Logo Design

Learn to use vector design tools to create your own professional graphics and logos.

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Meet our instructors

Our instructors have combined art experience of more than 50 years

Caroline Mustard

Caroline Mustard is the co-founder of Mobile Art Academy. She has a BA in Fine Arts and is an accomplished artist with years of experience in art direction and digital painting. Caroline leads the our education initiative and has been featured in Fast Company, Apple, CREATE CA

Sumit Vishwakarma

Sumit Vishwakarma is the founder of Mobile Art Academy and curator of mDAC Summit. He has been featured speaker at Macworld, National Creativity Summit, TEDx, Apple, California Art Council, Autodesk and iCreate UK.

Jeannie Mecorney

Jeannie spent over 25 years as a graphic designer in film, animation, print, television and created curriculum and taught digital painting. She loves studio and en plein air painting and taking her digital tablet and phone wherever she goes.

Expert Guest Instructors

We are partnering with a few of our fellow artists who are experts in their genre. They will be delivering masterclasses.

Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert is a British-born illustrator and artist who is known for his striking digital illustration work in the entertainment industry.

Yulia Naganova

Yulia is an expert mobile photographer who exclusively uses her mobile phone for all her artwork. Featured in various galleries worldwide.

Adam J. Butcher

Adam is a British fine artist who specializes in using new light-based technologies alongside traditional techniques and medium to create his vibrant paintings.

Corliss Blakely

Corliss is an internationally recognized artist for her work in several media, including watercolor, oil, and now digital painting using iPads.

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Our mission is to teach all forms and styles of mobile digital art. If you are passionate about what you do and would love to share with our mobile art community, lets talk!

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