The Basics of Infinite Painter by John Hayes

Learn digital art tools for creating masterpieces on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Welcome to the Basics of Infinite Painter, the easy-to-use art creation and illustration tools built for an aspiring artist to seasoned professionals. This comprehensive mobile application features natural brushes, realistic blending and an extensive toolset made for ease of use on mobile touchscreen devices such as phones and tablets.

Course Description

Taught by John Hayes, this introductory set of lessons are well suited to anyone wishing to explore their creative side with easy to follow steps and small projects introducing the foundational tools found within Infinite Painter.


  • A touch-screen device such as Android or Apple iOS tablet or smartphone. The ideal is a Samsung Note tablet or phone that includes a stylus with it.
  • Samsung sPen or similar pressure sensitive stylus.
  • Basic skill level with a strong interest in creating art.
  • Infinite Painter downloaded and installed from Google Play or Apple iTunes.

Please note:

  • There are a few interface differences. A supplemental video covering the iOS differences is included.
  • There is also a PDF document with side by side screen shot comparison to help you, if you get lost during the tutorial.
  • User interface style and font may differ due to the differences between Android and iOS. The tools in-app are named and function the same.


Lesson 1: Brush and Color 
The emphasis of this lesson is to get you started by using a single brush and selecting color to create a painting of a fish. This lesson starts with an overview of hardware tools being used in the lesson. It then goes over the basics of the Infinite Painter interface elements, how to start a new image and then into using brush with the color palette. This lesson will also demonstrate how to undo and redo works within the app.

Project: Fish

Lesson 2: Blending and Correction

This lesson introduces the eraser and how it relates to the painting tools as well as how you can use the eye dropper to sample color. The lesson show how you can use the blend tool to create new painterly effects. The lesson guides you on how to use all the tools together to paint an image of a bird.

Project: Bird

Lesson 3: Various Tool and Layers

This lesson introduces what image layers are and how you use them as well as selection tools to help create unique forms. By building upon previous lessons and using alternate painting or drawing tools such as pencil this video demonstrates how you can paint a tree on a hill.

Project: Tree

Lesson 4: Duplicate and Distort

The goal of this lesson is to show you how to create a complex image using symmetry and deformation. The video starts with how to use symmetry, followed by the transform tool and how to deform or edit painted areas. The video guides you on how to use the fill tools with symmetry plus selection and layer properties to create a butterfly.

Project: Butterfly

Lesson 5: Basic Shapes

Making robots and structural forms. By introducing you to the basic shape tools the lesson demonstrates how to create a simple robot. The video starts with a quick summary of the tools covered so far and how you can use the structural or shape tools along with with the painting and duplication tools to paint mechanical or rigid forms.

Project: Robot

Lesson 6: Edit and Evolve
The emphasis of this lesson introduces some the easy to use image-editing tools. What makes Infinite Painter so powerful is it includes a complete suite of photoshop-like editing tools in addition to natural brushes and pencils. The lesson demonstrates how you can to import an image, use some simple image adjustment filters, and then proceed to use liquify tool plus layer effects in combination of traditional painting tools to create an image of a “tiger pug”.

Project: Photo Edit Tiger Pug


Lesson 7: Customization
This lesson demonstrates some of the ways you can customize the Infinite Painter interface to suit your personal needs and ways to improve work-flow. Starting with image management, this video goes over some of the ways to make Infinite Painter feel similar to Photoshop, as well as assign in-app functions to hardware buttons to speed up workflow.

About the Instructor

John Hayes

John is a professional artist, whose career has spanned over 2 decades and multiple disciples. Beginning in magazine illustration, then moving onto sculpting maquettes, hand-drawn animation, and finally digital media, working as an artist in video game development.

John has designed, modeled and animated characters for games published by Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and is currently creating characters for Super Evil MegaCorp.

After the release of the first Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, with its built-in writing and drawing stylus, John was enabled to comfortably create art images on the go, anywhere, anytime. He found drawing and painting on a mobile device to a be freeing and relaxing way to visually express himself without the need of a desk or wall outlet.

John teaching experience includes his time as a guest instructor at the Art Institute of California, releasing several published lessons and tutorials for 3D artist magazine, and features by the Foundry and CG Arena. Several of his original images have been recognized and awarded by CGHub and CG society.



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