Bring Your Digital Tools Outside for Plein Air Painting by Jeannie Mecorney

Love to paint outdoors? Haven’t yet because schlepping traditional tools and equipment is holding you back? Come with me and learn the ins and outs of taking your tablet or phone plein air painting!

Our education director Jeannie Mecorney shares her experience painting outdoors. See the simple and inexpensive tools she has incorporated in her technique! Then keep those tools in the trunk of your car and paint on site anytime anywhere!

Communicate directly with your instructor in the forum box! Register now and get outside this spring and summer!

Course Description

This course gets you outside painting with simple, lightweight equipment so you can join any plein air group or paint on your own. The lesson plan pdf is included and has information on where to find the tools needed and ballpark costs. There is so much beauty to translate and the ease of digital tools brings the experience to a new level. Urban sketching, farm painting or painting on the roadside awaits you. Get started today!

In addition to the lesson plan, there is a reference photograph included in this class. There is no time limit, once you purchase this lesson, it is yours to access anytime, anywhere and over and over again!


Jeannie used Procreate and Art Set in this lesson so before starting this class make sure you are comfortable with these apps. If they are new to you, hop back to our store and sign up for Caroline Mustard’s spectacular class on Procreate and Jeannie’s short course on the beautiful Art Set Pro App. Or consider buying the Special Combo Package, which includes all the three courses at 20% off.

Note: The apps are for the iPad only and the lesson covers the full Pro version of both.

What’s included?

  • All in one video: This 30+ minute video is all you need to get started. Start and stop at will. 
  • Written lesson plan
  • Reference photo to follow along with the instructor

Final Painting Snapshot

About the Instructor

Jeannie Mecorney
Education Director, MobileArt.HOW

Jeannie is a traditionally trained artist with over 25 years as a graphic designer in film, animation, print, television and the web before creating the Multimedia Art and Technology program [currently the Digital Art and Animation program] at Cañada College in Redwood City, California. She created curriculum and taught digital painting, photography, imaging, illustration, graphic design, color management and photo restoration.

She loves studio and en plein air painting and taking her digital tablet and phone wherever she goes. She has said; “There is no down time waiting for the doctor, an oil change, at a concert or waiting for a friend who ‘just has to get a few things at the store!' And for traveling it is fantastic for painted memories.” She is the Education Director at MobileArt.HOW.



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