Learn Procreate – the Most Powerful iOS Painting App

Create Amazing Drawings and Paintings on your iPad with the Procreate App!

Using an iPad to draw or paint is much closer to the actual experience of drawing or painting on paper. Procreate is one of the most powerful iOS apps that will bring that experience to your fingertips.

Putting paint onto canvas is the core of painting, and that’s where Procreate’s powerful brush engine comes in.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn about the basics of Procreate, various brushes, settings, layers, and much more to get you started with digital painting.  


This is class is for beginners.


Introduction to Procreate:
Meet your instructor, Caroline Mustard, who has years of experience teaching this app to people of all ages.  She gives you a brief overview of the app and what to expect in the coming classes.

Lesson 1: Brushes and More
In this lesson, you will learn how to access, adjust, and use the extensive brush library, how to draw straight lines, how to access the color picker and to pick color up from the canvas. You'll also learn how to save and name your canvases.

Lesson 2: The Power of Eraser
Find out how the eraser becomes a major tool for creating spectacular art and learn to change the color of your background.

Lesson 3: Painting with Procreate
Discover the smudge tools and do your first simple painting using all the tools you have learned so far. Plus, you'll watch an updated video on Procreate App.

Lesson 4: Procreate Layers and Options
Introducing the Layers function to you in a very understandable way. Many people find layers impossible to understand, but Caroline lays it out simply and takes you on a step by step journey to learn how to use layers!

Lesson 5: Layers Journey (continued)
The next step in your Layers journey, you learn that you can make many adjustments to layers. Learn some of the magic of working with layers.

Lesson 6: Your First Real Painting
Caroline leads the way on your first painting adventure using all the tools you have learned so far. 

Lesson 7: Importing Photos (1)
You will learn how to import photos and paint over them using layers and the different paint brushes.

Lesson 8: Importing Photos (2)
In this lesson, Carline demonstrates how to import different photos, cut out images and adjust them.

Lesson 9: Everyday Abstracts
Caroline finishes up the beginning series of Procreate lessons with a lesson showing where you learn photo collage techniques, including blending one with another.

About the Instructor 

Caroline Mustard
Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy &
Mobile Art Educator

Caroline Mustard is an artist who has adopted the iPad as her fine art canvas of choice and the iPhone as her sketchbook. She draws from her background in Fine Art/Painting and diverse experience in art directing, marketing, and scenic and faux painting. 

Caroline co-founded Mobile Art Academy in 2013. She has also held several successful exhibitions of her work in Silicon Valley, California, while at the same time becoming known as the leading educator in the mobile (iPad/iPhone) art medium and being featured in FAST COMPANY.

She is passionate about introducing people of all ages to the joys of painting, drawing, and exploring their creative side using an iPad or other mobile devices.



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