ArtRage - Learn to Digitally Paint in Oil and Watercolor!

ArtRage for Beginners: Learn the Basics of the App and Digital Painting Techniques.

ArtRage gives you real world painting tools on your tablet in a stylish, easy-to-use environment that lets you get down to the process of creating without spending money on art supplies or worrying about the mess.

Presented by our own Caroline Mustard – a leading iPad art instructor, this series is for those of you not yet familiar with this fantastic app or digital painting. By the time you're done you will more than ready to go out and paint your own landscape!

This course is brought to you by us in partnership with ArtRage.

Course Description

This course is a six-part series of lessons that walks you through the app, introducing you to it in an easy-to-absorb manner so you learn the different tools and how to adjust them to your taste and gives you the opportunity to create artwork from the outset!

As Caroline Mustard points out, this is a beginner’s curriculum designed to give you the basic aspects of using the ArtRage app, but PLENTY to get you going so you can create stunning artworks using the oil brushes and watercolor brushes and other wonderful tools that come with this outstanding app.

You will learn about different brush settings, digital oil and watercolor painting techniques, painting from a reference, and much more. This class is available for both iOS & Android users.


Introductory Lesson
After a brief demonstration of her own work with ArtRage, Caroline shows you how to open your first canvas, and introduces you to a few of the tools so you can create your very first abstract painting using stunning colors and oil paint textures.

Lesson 1: Oil Brushes
Caroline shows you how to use the many different oil paint brushes that come with this app, including some wonderful aspects of the app. At the end, you’ll create your first painting of a flower!

Lesson 2: More Tools
From the wonderful watercolor brushes and effects (including real watercolor paper) to the pens and pencils. And at the end, you’ll join Caroline to paint an orange!

Lesson 3: The Color Palettes
Caroline will walk you through the different color palettes you can use, how to mix color and use color effectively as well as save your favorite colors and pick colors from the screen.

Lesson 4: Demystifying Layers
In this very easy to follow lesson you will learn how to build a simple painting using LAYERS and the benefits of using layers. You will create another painting of a flower and learn to fill shapes as well as paint them. With all that done, you are set to do your first complete painting in the final lesson.

Lesson 5: Importing Photos
In the final lesson, you’ll learn to import photos to use in tracing as well as having a reference copy available when you are painting, right beside your canvas. And you will paint alongside Caroline using the same photo (your choice) or your own photo. The end result is quite amazing considering it is done in less than 15 minutes. At the end, you will be ready to adventure on your own with this amazing app and know enough to study our upcoming intermediate classes that use the app.

About the Instructor 

Caroline Mustard
Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy &
Mobile Art Educator

Caroline Mustard is an artist who has adopted the iPad as her fine art canvas of choice and the iPhone as her sketchbook. She draws from her background in Fine Art/Painting and diverse experience in art directing, marketing, and scenic and faux painting. 

Caroline co-founded Mobile Art Academy in 2013. She has also held several successful exhibitions of her work in Silicon Valley, California, while at the same time becoming known as the leading educator in the mobile (iPad/iPhone) art medium and being featured in FAST COMPANY.

She is passionate about introducing people of all ages to the joys of painting, drawing, and exploring their creative side using an iPad or other mobile devices.



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