Paper 53 - Learn the most powerful yet easy iOS Drawing App.

Drawing digitally doesn't have to involve a lot of expensive tools like the Wacom tablet or a Cintiq. If you have an iPad or an iPhone, you're already well-equipped to create awesome drawings and doodles by just using some cool apps. 

Paper by FiftyThree is one of them. Create sharp diagrams, charts, and drawings with Paper’s world-class tools. Nobody has to know you’re not at your desk.

Instructor of this class is veteran Paper FiftyThree artists Caroline Mustard who has been featured in FAST COMPANY

Description of Beginning Classes

Lesson 1. Introduction. Experienced Paper 53 user Caroline Mustard introduces you to the app and shows you the first tool

Lesson 2. Paint an Eye: Caroline leads the class in a workshop that shows you how to paint an eye using the pencil and watercolor brush.

Lesson 3. Paint a butterfly: Caroline leads the class to paint a butterfly with the remaining pens

Lesson 4. Lines and shapes: Caroline shows you how to use the ruler, the roller and scissors to create and fill geometric shapes

Lesson 5. Mixing colors: Caroline shows you how to makes and save your own colors as well as mix colors together.

Lesson 6. The roller tool: Caroline leads the class in painting a bird using the roller tool

Lesson 7. The camera: Caroline shows you how to import photos and leads the final class in painting a flower.




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