The Mobile Digital Art Basic Instruction Kit for Art Instructors, Coaches & Parents

Tools to Help Turn Tablet and Smartphone Screen Time into Creative Time.

This digital art package come in PDF/slideshow formats that you can use to instruct young artists in how to use two of the most popular digital art apps for mobile devices to create up a storm. 

These lessons and instructions are the result of five years of working classroom experience. It will enable any instructor or parent, at all levels of skill in art or art apps, to instruct their young students.

Each lesson lists curriculum integration to National Visual/Media Arts Standards.

Contents of the Digital Art Kit

1. Paper 53 Quick Look Instructions:
18-page presentation covering every aspect of using this free iOS-based app.

2. Sketchbook for Education Quick Look Instructions
24-page presentation covering basics of this free app available on iOS & Android.

3. How to Paint Pets Project
30-pageproject-basedlessonwiththe subtitle “Art with a Heart” using Paper 53

4. Sweet Tweets Lesson
18-page lesson that teaches use of Paper 53 and ends with a painting of a bird.

5. Take your Finger on a Walk Lesson
27-page lesson inspired by the paintings of Joan Miro using Sketchbook for Education.

About the Kit's Author

Caroline Mustard
Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy &
Mobile Art Educator

Caroline Mustard is an artist who has adopted the iPad as her fine art canvas of choice and the iPhone as her sketchbook. She draws from her background in Fine Art/Painting and diverse experience in art directing, marketing, and scenic and faux painting. 

Caroline co-founded Mobile Art Academy in 2013. She has also held several successful exhibitions of her work in Silicon Valley, California, while at the same time becoming known as the leading educator in the mobile (iPad/iPhone) art medium and being featured in FAST COMPANY.

She is passionate about introducing people of all ages to the joys of painting, drawing, and exploring their creative side using an iPad or other mobile devices.



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