Mobile Digital Art & Creativity (mDAC) Summit 2017 Online Streaming

Learn to Create Fine Art on Your Mobile Devices from Top Digital Artists

The 5th live annual mDAC Summit held in Mountain View, CA on August 13 -14, 2017 ( brought together renowned digital artists and speakers around the world in a program packed with fantastic workshops and masterclasses that help you take your artistic skills to a new level.

We know not everyone could attend the live event, so we are bringing the summit to you via video streaming production!

Once you register, you will be able to access the recorded sessions anytime and how many times you want.  

mDAC Online Streaming Includes:


Day 1: Dan Ayoub, Microsoft, Seattle WA
Dan discusses Microsoft’s vision around the importance of empowering creatives as well as how future trends like Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and similar technologies will change education and our world forever.

Day 2: Daniel Leighton, Augmented Reality Artist, iPad Painter, Filmmaker, and Technologist, Los Angeles, CA
Daniel adds Augmented Reality (AR) to his paintings by combining his background in filmmaking and computer programming. Using this Art + AR app, viewers can experience additional dimensions of Daniel’s AR-enhanced paintings.  

Workshops Day 1:

    1. Jim Alan Conway (Apple Featured, PGA Tour): Landscape Painting with Procreate
    2. Hamilton Cline (New York Times, SF Gate Featured): Stealth Digital Sketching
    3. Michael Clawson, Founder, Big Fish Creations: Photo Studio in Your Hand
    4. Julia Kay, Founder JKPP, Author: Portrait Painting Party

Exploration and Innovation Day 1:

    1. Caroline Mustard, Founder Mobile Art Academy & Sharon Ferguson: Adoptables Painting Project
    2. Sumit Vishwakarma, Founder Mobile Art Academy: SBook Motion/V-editing

Workshops Day 2:

    1. Meri Walker, Founder iPhoneArtGirl: Create Stories with Steller
    2. Jeannie Mecorney, Education Director MobileArt.HOW: Successful Printing - Pixels, Dots & Resolution
    3. Jeremy Sutton, Founder, PaintboxTV: Figure Drawing 
    4. Martha Zlatar, Artist Success Coach & Founder ArtMatch: Art Coaching 

Exploration & Innovation Day 2:

    1. John Hayes, Character Artist at Evil Megacorp: Character Drawing

Read more about mDAC's speakers and artists.


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