What's Even Better than Being Proud of Your Own Art?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2017

By Caroline Mustard | Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy |

Easy... in my case, the answer is being proud of the work of your students.

"This is not normal". Original iPad drawing by Paris Herzog using Procreate

I recently was wowed by a piece of art from my student Paris Herzog and have to blog about it a bit.  Not only is it an inspired piece of work, which I had the honor of following its progression from start to finish, it has some unique qualities, but more about that later.  Here the work in question which is called "This is not normal."  Paris used Procreate and I will describe her progress shortly.

Paris was inspired by something she saw on Google.  She took a photo of herself based on this inspiration and uploaded it into Procreate. She did a rough basic tracing as I have taught her to do, then she took the photo away and the rest is all her own original drawing using a Pencil.  It went through many iterations and this is the final work.  I was blown away and immediately accepted it into the finalist section of our Mobile Digital Art and Creativity Exhibition (mDAC) 2017.

I think you will agree, this work is quite unique.  But what is even more unique is that Paris is our YOUNGEST COMPETITOR EVER.  She is just 13 years old, going into her final year at middle school.  She's been studying under me now for the past 2 years.  She uses lots of different media but loves mobile art.  

Years back I was told teaching art was not really a great thing to do.  So wrong.  It is the greatest thing to do and this is the proof.

***The article appeared originally on June 25, 2017, on Caroline Mustard Art

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