Best Art Apps for Digital Painting and Sketching

How to Transform your Mobile Device into a Digital Canvas or Sketchbook

By Caroline Mustard | Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy |

I’ve been teaching people how to use their iPads, iPhones and Android devices creatively since I fell in love with painting and drawing on my iPad 5 years ago.  And always the most asked question is “what are the best art apps to start with?"

In this article, I will be discussing different sketching and painting apps you can use to turn your iPad or Android tablet into a canvas or sketchbook and start creating up a storm.

I learned the hard way when my son handed me my first iPad as a birthday gift and downloaded a new painting app which had great reviews from Apple – Paper 53.

I remember how proud I was after slipping and sliding over the glass surface trying to control the brush, finally creating a drawing of a zebra! I rushed in to show my family what I had accomplished! But, in spite of the initial difficulty, I quickly became...

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