The Mobile Digital Art Basic Instruction Kit for Art Instructors, Coaches & Parents

Tools to Help Turn Tablet and Smartphone Screen Time into Creative Time. This digital art package come in PDF/slides...

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The Basics of Infinite Painter by John Hayes

Learn digital art tools for creating masterpieces on your Android or iOS mobile device. Welcome to the Basics of Inf...

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Learn Procreate, Art Set Pro, and Digital Plein Air Painting ā€“ Special Combo Package 20% Off

Take Your iPad and Digital Tools Plein Air Painting! This is a special package for those of you who like to paint ou...

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Bring Your Digital Tools Outside for Plein Air Painting by Jeannie Mecorney

Love to paint outdoors? Havenā€™t yet because schlepping traditional tools and equipment is holding you back? Come with...

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The Inner & Outer Game of Selling Your Art by Martha Zlatar

Is it Hard for You to Sell Your Art? Do you think that being a good sales person requires you to be pushy or manipul...

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Create your Valentine card : Video Workshop!

Valentines are the perfect way to share love, laughter, or just a little something special with the people you care a...

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Portrait Painting on iPad by Adam James Butcher

In this course, IĀ will be taking you step-by-step through theĀ entire process of creating a portrait painting using th...

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Create Animated Gifs!

Learn how to make an animated Gif to add extra zip to your social media from one of our expert instructors ā€“ Jeannie ...

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Hanukkah Holiday Card - ArtSet

Learn to create beautifulĀ Hanukkah Holiday Card using app ArtSet from one of our expert InstructorĀ Jeannie Mecorney...

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How to Paint a Peacock - FREE Class!

Art is fun. It opens the door to new universes. Using your mobile device to create art not only gives you a portable ...

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Holiday Card Painting - Procreate

Learn to createĀ holiday cards using the app Procreate from our expert instructor Caroline Mustard This course has 4 ...

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Learn Snapseed - a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

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